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may 2009

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may 2009

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Mother Gangbanged By Son and Friends 2 4. Little busty hairy Timea has anal sex 6.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Subcategories This category has the following 46 subcategories, out of 46 total. Media in category "May " The following files are in this category, out of total. Antilocapra americana pair. Ballgame organ 09 altiverb antwerp stadium.

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Chris Bangle in Church evangelical cementery bielsko-biala. Ciudadela Jaca Vista Aerea. Dear Geena P1. Dmitry Medvedev with Nikita Belykh 14 May 1. Espoir City P1. Estatua del Jardin Botanico. Explosion near summit of West Mata submarine volcano. G36KE del E. Gore Range from Vail, Colorado. Jardin Botanico 3. Jo Cappuccino P1. Ken-Ducky Derbylot of ducks. Ken-Ducky Derbypeople watching. Ken-Ducky Derbywildwater. Mayo The swine-flu pandemic of may have killed up topeople worldwide—10 times higher than the first estimates based on the number of cases confirmed by lab tests, according to a new analysis by an international group of scientists.

The researchers also found almost fold higher rates of respiratory deaths in some countries in the Americas than in Europe. Looking only at deaths from pneumonia that may have been caused by the fluthey found that Mexico, Argentina and Brazil had the highest death rates from the pandemic in the world.

The toll was far lower in New Zealand, Australia and most parts of Europe, according to the study, published today Nov. The new estimates are in line with a previous study published last year that used a different statistical strategy to evaluate the impact of the pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus.

However, that study, which was done before countries' data on overall death rates in had become available, found that the majority of deaths occurred in Africa and Southeast Asia. The new analysis "confirms that the H1N1 virus killed many more people globally than originally believed," said study author Lone Simonsen, a research professor at The George Washington University in Washington, D. The swine flu caused by a new strain of H1N1 was first noticed in April of that year, when health officials detected a virus with a novel genetic makeup.

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In a few weeks, the virus had spread around the world and triggered a widespread response from health officials. Another version of the same virus was involved in the flu pandemic that killed 30 million to 50 million people, or 2 percent of the world's population at the time.

As the end of the swine-flu pandemic was announced inthe World Health Organization WHO reported the death toll was about 18, but the organization warned that the figure reflected only the minority of cases that were confirmed by lab testing.

For the study, the team obtained weekly virology data from WHO to identify periods when the flu was active, and then combined this information with weekly death rates from respiratory illnesses during and in 21 countries, accounting for about 35 percent of the world's population.

They then extrapolated those results to the rest of the countries in the world. The results suggest that betweenandpandemic influenza respiratory deaths occurred globally from April through December The researchers took into account only deaths caused by respiratory diseases.

However, people can die from bacterial infections that happen after they've been weakened by the flu. The H1N1 virus can also kill by worsening existing health problems, such as heart disease. The researchers found that when the H1N1 deaths due to causes other than respiratory disease are included, the pandemic toll might be as high aspeople. The results showed that 62 to 85 percent of those who died in the pandemic were younger than age The high death rates in younger people mean a larger burden on the society as more potential years of human life were lost during the pandemic than during an average seasonal flu outbreak, the researchers said.

may 2009

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may 2009

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Moon Phases May 2009

People on the street wear face masks because of the outbreak of swine flu near Sannomiya JR station May 20,in Kobe, Japan.In it, astronaut Pam Melroy guides you through Constellation and our hopes and goals for exploration.

Click on the image below, and you will be taken to the interactive feature where you can learn about it all. Components are continuing to arrive at the U. A jettison motor function will be needed on every Orion mission. The components of the abort system are being delivered by Orbital Sciences Corporation, for Lockheed Martin Corporation, the prime contractor for Orion.

Aerojet is the subcontractor responsible for the jettison motor. The actual Ares V will stand feet tall. Glenn will also oversee the design and development of several vital subsystems, including the system that steers the vehicle during flight, the electrical power system, development flight instrumentation, and the purge and hazardous gas detection system. Glenn is also contributing to the design of the Ares V upper stage, the Earth departure stage.

In addition, Glenn expects to play a major role in the environmental testing of the Earth departure stage and its main engine, the J-2X.

May 2009 Calendar

An Orion model recently went through some testing here at the Johnson Space Center in an anechoic chamber. This is done to more closely mimic the environment of space, and NASA conducted similar testing during Apollo and shuttle. Skip to content.This section contains recent data "as of" the date shown on the publication cover. Selected tables also contain data for the previous month. Employment and Trends is available on a quarterly basis; however, data not contained in the report will be furnished upon request.

To request data, cite the table number s needed and send requests in writing to: fedstats opm. The personnel summaries in Tables 1 and 17 present highlights of the information in Tables and Table 2 compares the current and previous month's Federal civilian employment by branch, agency, and area.

Tables and 16 include 13 month trends for employment, payrolls, Executive Branch employment by work schedule, and turnover. Employment figures reflect an on board "head count" of the workforce at the end of the report period, and not full-time equivalent employment. Monthly payroll varies from 20 to 30 workdays depending upon the report cycle.

This includes all salary and wages paid to all employees working during the month regardless of whether or not they were on board at the end of the month.

Due to the lag in reporting of transfers and variations in agency reporting periods, the net difference in turnovers accessions and separa-tions may not necessarily balance with net monthly changes in employment.

For example, a former agency does not prepare a separation personnel action for an employee who transfers to another agency until an accession notice is received from the new agency. Where figures are expressed in thousands, each is rounded independently and not forced to add to rounded totals. All figures are subject to revision. Send email to: fedstats opm.

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Breeding Jr. Wayne T. Davis will serve a two-year term in the post. In order to assist students with the May closing of the Sutherland Village university housing complex, a transition task force appointed by Vice Chancellor Tim Rogers has created an online resource center for students to locate up-to-date information on alternative housing options.

The focus group discussion session will be held from 3 to p. Thursday, June 18, in Hodges Library. Submitting your events, activities, speakers and programs to be included in the Ready for the World Passport just got easier! Faculty, staff and students are urged to use a new electronic form to quickly and easily provide information about events related to the international and intercultural initiative.

The Jazz for Justice Project, which originated at UT Knoxville, has gotten a little unexpected national publicity, thanks to a photo in the current issue of Newsweek magazine. Jazz for Justice was created in and its mission is to help raise awareness and funding for the plight of women and youth trying to rebuild. There were no Send Roses recipients in January or February, and there will not be a May recipient either.

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